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Looking back on the year 2020,
here are top 4 favourites from innisfree.

Based on the volume of product mentions in the Q&A section
on innisfree’s Instalog (@innisfree.instalog) in 2020.

and nourishing serum

With Beauty Green Tea that helps to open up the water
passageway to deliver moisture to dehydrated skin.

The first serum after

Instantly replenishes moisture lost from cleansing for a soft,
glowing complexion.


A balanced blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil
work together to help maintain the skin’s oil to moisture balance
and retain moisture longer.

Recommended for These Customers

According to Skin Type
#Dry Skin
Those with dry skin who experience severe
skin tightness after cleansing
#Oliy Skin Lacking Moisture
Those with oily skin lacking moisture who
experience difficulty using several products
due to excess sebum
#All Skin Types
All skin types that require a hydrating and soothing
solution for ever-changing skin conditions
According to Lifestyle
#Too Much
Those who use more than five products
each time
#Four Seasons
Those looking for a first-step serum to
befriend throughout the year
Males who do not want a glossy or sticky finish

Reset concentrate™

A potent active ingredient extracted from Black Tea delivers
high antioxidant & anti-aging benefits to recover fatigued skin.

Intant Reset Effect

Reset tired-looking skin in a single use for a firmer, revitalised,
brighter and moisturised skin.

Night Defense Formula™

A triple-layered moisture formula that creates a protective barrier
to lock in moisture & active ingredients to boost skin condition
Fast And Solid Effects

Clinical Test Results After a Single Use

Skin Texture Improvement^

*These images are selected from the top 3 improvement cases,
Actual results may vary by individual.

Skin Resilience Improvement^

Remarkable skin resilience experienced the next morning after applying the
Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule before bed

*These images are selected from the top 20 improvement cases,
Actual results may vary by individual.
^Self-survey and clinical test results after using Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule once before bed

Double oil-control formula
for a shine-free look

Silky pressed powder controls excess oil for a soft,
natural-looking matte finish.

With naturally derived Jeju
Minerals and Mint

Formulated with Jeju minerals and mint to refresh the skin
while maintaining the oil and moisture balance.

Fixes makeup skin tones caused
by excess sebum and oil

Corrects clumped up makeup and dull skintones caused
by sebum and oil, leaving the skin bright all day long.
Try this on your oily skin.

Oiliness control for the face and body


When your face becomes shiny or you need
to fix your makeup, pat on a small amount in a thin layer.
It can also be applied around the eyes
before putting on your makeup as an eye makeup primer.


Using a puff, pat on the bangs or the crown area
then lightly dust off
to save your hair from greasiness.

Brightening effect of
Jeju cherry blossom leaves

Formulated with Jeju Cherry Blossom leaf extract and has an
instant brightening effect for a bright and vibrant complexion.

Hydrating power of
naturally-derived betaine

The naturally-derived betaine extracted from sugar beet helps
create a barrier to prevent dehydration and boost skin moisture.

Glowing & translucent skin
even without makeup on

A lightweight tone-up cream with a tone-up effect naturally
brightens the skin.

Recommended for These Customers

According to Skin Type
#Dull Skin
When you are concerned about dry
and dull skin tone
#Matching Skin Tone
Those who have UV-induced Patchiness
on the face and neck
#Oily Skin
If your makeup slides off easily due
to excessive sebum
According to Lifestyle
#Quick Fix
When you only need to step out of home
for a brief moment
Those who enjoy being foundation-free
#Face Mask Makeup
If you are looking for makeup that does
not transfer onto your face mask