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ABOUT innisfree

1What we stand for

innisfree is a family of Amore Pacific
We are stand for Amore Pacific spirit and vocation

Our vocation
Drawing our source in the deep wisdom on nature and humankind that Asia has accumulated, we are now ready to approach and redefine beauty in ways that will surprise everyone. Respecting the diversity of the AmorePacific people working around the world, we help one another actualize ourselves through our work. Striving to realize true beauty based on the perfect harmony of beauty on the inside and the outside, we help humankind achieve its dream of living beautifully and healthily. By achieving all these, the nations of the world will remember us as the Asian Beauty Creators.

Respecting the diversity of the AmorePacific people working around the world

Our Values

  • Openness

    We are looking forward to working
    with people who respect others
    as much as they respect themselves.
    We believe that the truth lies first and foremost
    in having an open mind toward the outside world.
    We are, to one another and to customers,
    neither commanders nor instructors,
    but listeners and guides.
    As our surroundings change, so should we.
  • Integrity

    No matter what we do for customers,
    we should do it as if it were for our families
    and ourselves.
    It is the result of our actions that
    we earn trust from customers.
    The foremost bedrock of a community
    and of a society is respect and etiquette.
  • Innovation

    We should remain open to
    the possibility of changing.
    We should change and adapt,
    lest we fall behind and become obsolete.
    We pride above all else our passion
    to put something new into the world.
  • Proximity

    We need to be always accessible
    to our customers for their diverse needs.
    We need to take matters that concern our customers
    as if they are our own.
    We pursue harmony and friendship
    on an equal footing.
  • Challenge

    We must refuse to be complacent.
    We must joyfully embrace the unfamiliar and the new.
    We must dedicate ourselves to beating our competition
    and rising victorious over everyone else.