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ABOUT innisfree


Innirang, the Jeju Pony in search of "My Own Beauty”

  • Innirang, the Jeju Pony in
    search of "My Own Beauty"

    The beautiful island of Jeju is green all year around.
    Near the blue ocean north of the island is Mallang Village where Jeju's
    indigenous ponies live. The ponies here have an unspoken rule to follow:
    "Never get out of the village beyond the hill!"
    In this isolated Mallang Village lived Innirang, who dreamed of nurturing
    individuality and beauty someday.
    To Innirang, life in the village with ponies following exactly the same
    styles and thoughts was absolutely boring. Innirang thought there
    would be no more newness there and decided to venture out of the
    village and live a different life in the greater world.
    Unable to suppress her curiosity, Innirang ran away only to find the vast
    nature filled with greenness and fresh scent. It was much greater that
    she had ever imagined. Innirang was overwhelmed with excitement,
    feeling something good would happen soon.

  • Fortunately, Innirang ran into Fruty who was in search
    of environment-friendly ingredients and Camely who was in charge
    of protecting Jeju. Innirang and her new friends started a journey in
    search of "My Beauty Recipe" reserved for themselves.

"Innirang" carries the characteristics
representing the Millennial consumers
of Innisfree. Innirang may be a pony born in
Mallang Village where conformity rules but is
a pony with a unique character that
creates Innirang's own value and expresses
Innirang's own personal style.
Innirang is proactive and bold in character,
taking the lead in getting what Innirang
wants. Innirang maintains a cool hairstyle
that blows wildly in the wind and loves
eating fresh tangerine from Jeju Island.
Innirang loves tangerine so much that
Innirang's hands and feet are almost always
stained in orange.
"Purutea" is a researcher in pursuit
of healthy beauty through natural ingredients.
Purutea represents Innisfree.
Having grown up on the green tea farm
and intensively researched green tea,
Purutea decides to leave the farm and begins a
journey with Innirang and Camely in search
of not only green tea
but also other fine ingredients from Jeju.
"Camely" is a character inspired by
Innisfree's social activities to help the local
economy through fair trade.
A native of Jeju Island,
Camely is familiar with various fables and Jeju
very well and is interested in Green Play.
Camely volunteers to guide the journey
with Innirang and Purutea as a navigator.